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The sport of wrestling is one of the oldest and greatest sports. It most likely found its beginnings in prehistoric times as a means for survival and territorial rites. It's great because it puts man against man or even man against beast, with only the combatant's cunning, strength, skill and endurance to get him or her through the struggle. This great struggle called wrestling has been developed in many cultures or civilizations from ancient times to the present. Each different culture has developed its own styles and techniques. Greek literature points out that the skill of wrestling was used by gods and kings, as well as by soldiers and private citizens, in their efforts to triumph over ignorance, evil and brute force. Most heroes from Greek mythology, like Hercules, were depicted as skillful wrestlers. Their appreciation of skill most likely led to its introduction as a major sport in the Olympic Games in the year 704 B.C. Before 704 B.C., wrestling was an event of the pentathlon.

According to Greek mythology, wrestling began because of the great wrestling match between Zeus and his father Cronus. They were wrestling for possession of the Earth. Zeus won and took over the peaks of the earth. In the valley, where the games and ceremonies were held, it was known as a commemoration of the victory of Zeus over his father.

In Ancient Greece, wrestling was classified by age rather than weight. Only really big men won in this event (the Greeks called it a "heavy" event), and many wrestlers attended the palaestra, or wrestling school. The wrestling events were judged by three falls. A fall was determined by the shoulders hitting the ground. After three, the winner was pronounced.


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