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Mountain Top Wrestling Club Takes 59 Awards, Two Outstanding Wrestlers and
Two Team Trophies at Mountain Top Classic

((Sandy, Utah) March 28, 2010 — Thirty-six Mountain Top Wrestling Club members entered the Mountain Top Classic freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling tournament, the first leg of the 2010 Intermountain Champion Series, coming away with 59 awards, two Outstanding Wrestler trophies, a second-place team finish in Greco-Roman and third place as a team in freestyle.

“This was a great couple days,” said Coach Bill Kilpack. “Hosting a tournament is always a challenge, particularly this year, with so many new parents and families and a lot changes coming from the state association. A lot of our wrestlers seemed to be inspired by wrestling in our own house, particularly with some great wrestlers coming in from out of state, and really stepped it up with great, hard performances.”

The team was led by four young athletes who earned gold medals in both styles, and one wrestler who not only won gold in both, but also was awarded an Outstanding Wrestler award for his age division in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. Winning those medals and trophies was William Kilpack of Sandy, Cadet (ages 15 and 16) 140 lbs. In both tournament, he pinned or teched (achieving a six-point lead in two of three rounds) every opponent, without allowing a single point to be scored against him on either day.

Others winning gold in both styles were Kelly Glaubensklee of Sandy, Bantam (ages 7 and 8) 65 lbs., pinned or teched every opponent in both tournaments; Justin Schwendiman of West Jordan, Cadet 91 lbs.; and Zayne Sayers of Sandy, Cadet 215 lbs. Finishing first in freestyle was JJ Jones of Sandy, Novice (ages 11 and 12) 112 lbs.

Taking a silver medal in both styles was Nick Pappas of Taylorsville, Junior (ages 17 and 18) 160 lbs. Taking runner-up honors in freestyle was Ethan Wood of Riverton, Bantam 55 lbs. ; brothers Skylar and Wesly Orton of Sandy, Skylar at Novice 70 lbs., Wesly at Cadet 119 lbs.; and Dylan Howell of West Jordan, Junior 171 lbs. Finishing second in Greco-Roman competition were Weston Nielsen of Bluffdale, Flyweight (ages 6 and Under) 45 lbs. ; Spencer Maxwell of Sandy, Intermediate (ages 9 and 10) 70 lbs.; and Kahlil Preston of Salt Lake City, Intermediate 112 lbs.

Taking bronze medals on both days were Joey Day of Sandy, Cadet 105 lbs., and Kevin Maxwell of Sandy, Cadet 119 lbs. Finishing third in freestyle were Weston Nielsen, Flyweight 45 lbs. ; Tyler Lucero of Sandy, Novice 60 lbs. ; Kahlil Preston, Novice 112 lbs. ; MacKelti Kilpack of Sandy, Schoolboy 98 lbs.; Ashton Baker of Sandy, Cadet 140 lbs.; and Adam Maxwell of Sandy, Junior 152 lbs. Taking third in Greco-Roman were Ethan Wood, Bantam 55 lbs.; Zach Warren of Saratoga Springs, Intermediate 70 lbs.; and Skylar Orton, Novice 70 lbs.

Winning fourth-place awards in freestyle were eight young wrestlers: Jackson Gray of Sandy, Flyweight 45 lbs.; Jaden Stange of Midvale, Bantam 50 lbs.; Trever Glaubensklee of Sandy, Bantam 50 lbs.; Daniel Freed of Sandy, Bantam 55 lbs.; Zach Warren, Intermediate 70 lbs.; Tyler Fay of Riverton, Novice 60 lbs.; Trent McMillan of South Jordan, Schoolboy 77 lbs.; and Alex Maxwell of Sandy, Schoolboy 91 lbs. Finishing fourth in Greco-Roman were Gavin Dockstader of South Jordan, Intermediate 70 lbs.; Garrick Kilpack of Sandy, Intermediate 60 lbs.; MacKelti Kilpack, Schoolboy 98 lbs.; and Ashton Baker, Cadet 140 lbs.

Finishing fifth in both tournaments was Tanner Orton of Sandy, Intermediate 55 lbs. Taking fifth in freestyle were Ryan Fisher of Salt Lake City, Bantam 55 lbs.; Spencer Maxwell of Sandy, Intermediate 70 lbs.; Garrick Kilpack, Intermediate 60 lbs.; Cruz Shoell of Sandy, Schoolboy 112 lbs.; and Justin Boettcher of Murray, Cadet 125 lbs. Taking fifth in Greco-Roman were Trever Glaubensklee, Bantam 50 lbs.; Ryan Fisher, Bantam 55 lbs.; and Adam Maxwell, Junior 152 lbs.

Earning sixth-place awards in freestyle were Gavin Dockstader, Intermediate 70 lbs.; Carson Bushell of Sandy, Schoolboy 91 lbs.; and Nate Lucero of Sandy, Schoolboy 98 lbs. Finishing sixth in Greco-Roman were Jaden Stange, Bantam 50 lbs. and Alex Maxwell, Schoolboy 91 lbs.

The team also took the second-place team trophy in Greco-Roman using the 10-man team competition format, with 284 points, and third place in freestyle with 348 points, falling short of the runner-up by only 16 points.

"This was a great experience for all involved," said Coach Richard Fay. "The parental support was super, and the kids really showed what they've learned, even this early in the season. Being only the second tournament of the year, they really did extremely well."

This tournament's two competitions make up the first leg of the Intermountain Champion Series. For more information about the series, go to For tournament information, go to

Mountain Top Wrestling Club is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing a venue for individuals to learn, develop and refine their athletic skills and abilities; and teaching the rules and regulations of freestyle, folkstyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.  It is open to male and female athletes ages four and older who live anywhere in the State of Utah. Practices are held three days a week from 6–7:30 p.m. at Jordan High School.  For more information, call 641-9832, e-mail or visit them on the Worldwide Web at

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