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Mountain Top Wrestling Club Members Hit the Box Elder Tournament — Hard

(Sandy, Utah) Feb. 24, 2008 ¾ Twenty-seven members of Mountain Top Wrestling Club traveled to Brigham City to compete in the first leg of the Intermountain Champion Series: the Box Elder Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament, Feb. 22-23, 2008.  Between the two styles, the 27 athletes came away with 42 awards: nine championships, 26 placing in the top three, and one Outstanding Wrestler.

“This was a great way to start out the new season,” said Coach Bill Kilpack (III).  “We had a great opening day in the Greco-Roman tournament, and followed up strong in freestyle.  Some of our main guys continued to perform, kicking off a little rust from last season or shifting gears from folkstyle to freestyle and Greco-Roman.  Others had their first matches ever and really showed how much they've learned in just two weeks of practice.  It was really exciting to see.”

Leading the team with two gold medals were 11-year-old Derek Spachman of Saratoga Springs, Novice (ages 11 ands 12) 90 lbs. and 13-year-old Zayne Sayers of Sandy, Schoolboy (ages 13 and 14) 171 lbs.  Each went through both tournaments pinning every opponent.  Also having a solid tournament was 13-year-old William Kilpack of Sandy, Schoolboy 105 lbs., who pinned every opponent in the Greco-Roman tournament to win the championship and be named the Outstanding Wrestler for the Novice division, and pinning every opponent in freestyle until the finals, where he fell short, to finish second.

Also winning a gold medal and getting his first pin for a victory was second-year wrestler, 4-year-Christopher Smith of Murray, Flyweight (6 and Under) 65 lbs.  The fall was in 10 seconds, which tied him for a Fastest Pin award in freestyle, but the award went to another competitor based on second criteria, the total number of falls. 

Taking second in freestyle were three more wrestlers: first-year-wrestler 4-year-old Kyle Bollwinkel of South Jordan, Flyweight 65 lbs.; 11-year-old MacKelti Kilpack of Sandy, Novice 85 lbs.; and Jake Johnson of Sandy, Schoolboy 160 lbs.

Finishing third in freestyle were eight athletes: first-year-wrestler 4-year-old Cooper Fahrenbruch of West Jordan, Flyweight 40 lbs.; 7-year-old Garrick Kilpack of Sandy, Bantam (ages 7 and 8) 45 lbs.; 9-year-old Siondileigh Kilpack of Sandy, Midget (ages 9 and 10) 55 lbs.; first-year-wrestler 10-year-old Ethan Bollwinkel of South Jordan, Novice 95 lbs.; 12-year-old Justin Schwendiman of West Jordan, Schoolboy 70 lbs.; 12-year-old Joey Day of Sandy, Schoolboy 77 lbs.; 15-year-old Devin Sayers of Sandy, Cadet (ages 15 and 16) 171 lbs.; and Aron Engberg, Open (ages 18 and Up) 132–163 lbs.

Finishing fourth in freestyle were five athletes: 8-year-old Ajax Revels of Riverton, Midget 85 lbs.; 10-year-old Tyler Schwendiman of South Jordan, Novice 70 lbs.; 10-year-old Addison Day of Sandy, Novice 75 lbs.; 12-year-old Cody Jensen of West Valley City, Schoolboy 70 lbs.; and first-year-wrestler 13-year-old Joshua Bollwinkel of South Jordan, Schoolboy 144 lbs.

Finishing fifth in freestyle were 6-year-old Trevor Fahrenbruch of West Jordan, Bantam 55 lbs.; 12-year-old Matthew Findlay of Draper, Schoolboy 84 lbs.; and 14-year-old Ella-Maereen Kilpack of Sandy, Cadet 112 lbs.

Finishing sixth was first-year-wrestler 7-year-old Allison Spachman of Saratoga Springs, Bantam 55 lbs.

The rest of the champions in the Greco-Roman tournament included MacKelti Kilpack, Novice 85 lbs.; 10-year-old Bryson Kimball of West Jordan, Novice 112 lbs.; and Justin Schwendiman, Schoolboy 70 lbs.

Taking silver in Greco-Roman were Cooper Fahrenbruch, Flyweight 40 lbs.; Garrick Kilpack, Bantam 45 lbs.; and Devin Sayers, Cadet 171 lbs.

Finishing third in Greco-Roman were Allison Spachman, Bantam 55 lbs.; and Siondileigh Kilpack, Midget 55 lbs.

Taking fourth in Greco-Roman were Trevor Fahrenbruch, Bantam 55 lbs.; and Ella-Maereen Kilpack, Cadet 112 lbs.

Finishing sixth in Greco-Roman were 9-year-old Cole Kimball of West Jordan, Midget 65 lbs.; Addison Day, Novice 75 lbs.; and Matthew Findlay, Schoolboy 84 lbs.

Also competing in the freestyle tournament was Jordan Engberg of Riverton, Midget 65 lbs.

Coach Bill Kilpack (Jr.) said, “This was a great season opener.  We're very pleased with all of our first-year wrestlers, and glad to see some of the familiar faces back and ready to take it to the mat.”

The Box Elder Tournament was the first leg of the 2008 Intermountain Champion Series.  Also in the series are the Kuna Classic in Kuna, Ida.; the Mountain Top Classic, in Murray, Ut.; and the Idaho Express Invitational, in Meridian, Ida.  For more information, go to

Mountain Top Wrestling Club is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to providing a venue for individuals to learn, develop and refine their athletic skills and abilities; and educating regarding the rules and regulations of freestyle, folkstyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.  It is open to male and female athletes ages four and older who live anywhere in the State of Utah. Practices are held three days a week at Jordan High School.  For more information, call 641-9832, e-mail or visit them on the Worldwide Web at

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