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"It exceeded my expectations. You taught sportsmanship as well as wrestling skills. A great club that builds character and great wrestlers." — 2016

"Didn't know what to expect, but was very satisfied with the program. Very good at working with the kids and taking time to teach new technique, and making sure moves were executed properly. I respect the attention the coaches gave each wrestler." — 2016

"It is run great and orderly, but is also very educational and physically demanding." — 2016

"A great and intense program. Focused. A great program that focuses on wrestling." — 2016

"It was great to see the growth and development of our son this season. Coaches do a great job. They sacrifice so much for the kids! Thank you!! Fantastic! Great job!" — 2016

"Season was excellent. Practices were good. Tournaments were a lot of fun. Good wrestling club for all kids who want to wrestle." — 2015

"The season was great. We were new and it was really fun. Great program! You rock!" — 2015

"In a nutshell, Mountain Top is about hard work and good coaching." — 2015

"I was pleased with the program. It's a great program for kids to learn how to wrestle." — 2015

"Coaches paid attention to all kids. Techniques were sound. Attitude was respectful and supportive. Classy, skilled, suppoortive coaches that produce results, and promote sportsmanship and hard work." — 2015

"I really like your program. My son has come to love wrestling. You love seeing the kids improve and do their best. That works!" — 2014

"It was awesome and exceeded our expectations. We loved it." — 2014

"Exceeded my expectations. The focus on technique is what makes this program great." — 2014

"Things went better than anticipated. Techniques taught were excellent." — 2013

"Awesome! Great at explaining and showing moves, getting right in there with the kids. Just awesome!" — 2013

"Had a great time. Great program. Extremely well coached club with good parent participation." — 2013

"I really appreciated the commitment from the coaches. My son was proud to be part of the club. I appreciated the coaches involvement, not only in wrestling but also as an individual helping him develop as a young man. My son uses the skills learned here as life skills, not just wrestling. Well done." — 2013

"It was beyond our expectations. It turned out amazing. A great program for wrestling development and also as young men." — 2013

"Beyond our expectations!! I loved everything. The dedication to every boy individually is what this program is about. Building champions!" — 2012

"I didn't know what to expect, but we loved it!" — 2012

"We loved this season. You are amazing. Great attitudes, always willing to push the kids. Hard work. Good results." — 2012

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