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Greco-Roman Wrestling

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William Kilpack
William Kilpack (in white and blue) throws his opponent with an Olympic lift.

Greco-Roman is one of two styles of wrestling practiced in Olympic and international amateur competition. In Greco-Roman, the legs may not be used in any way to obtain a fall, and no holds may be taken below the waist. Other rules and procedures are the same as those for freestyle wrestling, the other international amateur style.

In the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, wrestling was an integral part of the Pentathlon, a form of all-around athletic championship featuring running, jumping, wrestling and throwing both discus and javelin. In imitation of classical Greek and Roman representations of the sport, modern Greco-Roman wrestling was created in France in the early 19th Century. It became favored in Scandinavian countries from 1912–1948, after which the Soviet Union and other countries came to the fore.


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