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Bill Kilpack
Bronze Certified, USA Wrestling National Coaches Education Program

Coach, Jordan Junior Wrestling

Bill Kilpack (Jr.) of West Jordan was one of the two original coaches of the Sundance Wrestling Club, and a member of the University of Utah wrestling team. Sundance was arguably the finest freestyle/Greco-Roman wrestling team in Utah history, producing the first two world champions from Utah*, and dozens of other international and national honors.

He is also a coach of the junior-high wrestling program, Jordan Junior Wrestling.

In addition to his successes in coaching wrestling, he has coached two championship baseball teams and five championship football teams.

Mountain Top Wrestling Club, 2001 to present, has produced the following individual honors.


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* The first two world champions from Utah were both in Greco-Roman wrestling: Wes Machan and Jay Simon, both members of Sundance Wrestling Club.  The third was Cael Sanderson, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in freestyle wrestling.

Wrestling Montage

Bill Kilpack