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Mountain Top Wrestling Club

Front Row (L to R): Coach Toby Orton, Tyler Lucero, Tanner Orton, Daniel Freed, Ryan Fisher, Garrick Kilpack, Ehtan Wood, Thomas Hekking, Trever Glaubensklee, Jaden Stange, Coach Josh Pappas
2nd Row (L to R): Nakia Shoell, Alex Maxwell, Nate Lucero, JJ Jones, Trent McMillan, Skylar Orton, Tyler Fay, Spencer Maxwell
3rd Row (L to R): Adam Maxwell, Justin Boettcher, Kevin Maxwell, Ashton Baker, Cruz Shoell, Wesly Orton, Brady Anderson, Joey Day, Justin Schwendiman, Coach Bill Kilpack (III)

Team Members

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Wrestling Montage

Bill Kilpack